On behalf of our Pastor, Bishop Mark E. White, Sr., we welcome you to Shiloh Community Fellowship Ministries where God’s Word is healing, delivering and Changing Lives.

The first Church was organized in the home of its Founder, the Late Reverend Henry Jeffers. The membership increased and it became necessary to seek a larger site. Out of this mission came the birth of SHILOH. In 1938, the Late Bishop H. L. Fisher brought the church into fellowship with United Holy Church of America (UHCA), an organization enriched with sound spiritual structure and doctrine.

Following the demise of the Late Reverend Jeffers, there were several dedicated, loyal Pastors between 1942 and 2006 with the latter being Elder Felton F. Miller. In 2008, as a result of Elder Miller’s passing, the UHCA District Elder sent Elder Mark E. White, Sr. to minister to the people of Shiloh UHCA located in their newly built church at 142 Dewitt Avenue, Asbury Park.

Elder White’s vision became that of the church body to become a “beacon of light in the community” in order to draw others in to hear and experience the goodness of the Lord. On February 13, 2010, Elder Mark E. White, Sr. was installed as the new Pastor of Shiloh United H Holy Church.
In a sincere effort to continue to fulfill Elder Felton Miller’s dream, Pastor White led the church in completing the kitchen project in the new church structure, and on October 2, 2010 the Kitchen and social hall in the Felton Miller Community Fellowship Hall was dedicated. In December 2010, with an earnest desire to have the church exemplify the church vision, Shiloh UHCA became Shiloh Community Fellowship UHCA.

Moving forward according to God’s will and purpose to reach souls in order to build lives, to set the captive free through the preaching and teaching of HIS WORD, and letting the Church’s light so shine through the lives of its congregants, the church was renamed Shiloh Community Fellowship Ministries.